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Remote Perception (on USB Drive)

Basic Operational Training Course

Retired U.S. Army intelligence officer, Dr. Paul H. Smith, has finally released the world's first genuine Remote Perception home training course in which you work alongside a live filmed class! This truly immersive program will teach you Remote Perception from the ground up with real-world targets, feedback and results; all without the need for any previous experience or skill!


Effective hands-on training with proven step-by-step declassified methods that virtually anyone can learn!

Booklet included

Includes templates to printout and use (pdf format)!

100% Genuine

Authentic Remote Perception training by a genuine RV instructor from the official top secret government program!


The world's only official Remote Perception course, taught by retired U.S. Army intelligence officer Dr. Paul H. Smith, seven-year veteran of the CIA's top secret RV spy program!

Remote Viewing got its name from its developer, the legendary Ingo Douglas Swann, when he was seeking a label for the revolutionary new approach to ESP (extrasensory perception) that he had just created. Because RV involves not just vision, but all the perceptible senses, Mr. Swann should really have called it "Remote Perception." Now this new, sophisticated, yet easily-mastered Remote Perception course remedies that. It takes the techniques Ingo Swann developed for the top-secret US military program and shows you how to unlock the doors of your subconscious mind to receive "intuitive remote data"-information and experiences about persons, places, things, or events, whether past, present or future. Many think this is the same as every other "psychic" ability they see on TV or in the media. But the real secrets behind Remote Perception go far deeper. You can now experience for yourself some of the same principles and instruction once reserved only for the most intensive courses with a live instructor.

The focus here is on the full spectrum of perceptual experience as realized through non-local consciousness interacting with targets remote in space, time, or both. This approach to the world's most effective declassified mind-science skill is changing and empowering lives everywhere. Tested both in the lab and in the real worlds of secret intelligence collection, forensic detective work, and financial investment, to name just a few, Remote Perception is now ready for you to put to the test yourself with this affordable training program, led by one of the foremost experts in the field.

Your instructor is former Army intelligence officer Dr. Paul H. Smith, veteran of seven years in the military psychic spy program now known as "Star Gate," and student of the late Ingo Swann. Once remote viewing was declassified and brought from the shadows of top secret military operations into the light of day, uncredentialed individuals around the globe have jumped onto the training bandwagon. Yet the truth is that only a handful of people on the entire planet were ever a part of the official government remote viewing program, and were properly trained and proficient enough to be effective instructors.

Dr. Paul H. Smith is a leading member of this elite group. He spent more than a third of his 20 year Army career as an important member of the government remote viewing program, and is widely known as one of the top remote viewers in the world. Having been a remote viewing trainer since 1984, he is also considered one of the best and most experienced remote perception teachers active today. Dr. Smith has been featured in countless magazines, journals, radio and TV programs showcasing the promise and power of Remote Viewing. In this course he draws on his more than three decades of remote perception experience to share his wisdom, insights, understanding and guidance with you right in the privacy of your own living room.

Format NTSC DVD, 480p, 16:9 Widescreen
Discs 4
Runtime 300 minutes
Audio Dolby Digital
Language English
Subtitles No
Region Worldwide
  • Oklahoma, USA

    I've been following Paul Smith for years on Coast to Coast AM and he's the real deal. He has always given it straight and you can be sure that his Remote Viewing trianing methods are as good as it gets. If you're just getting into this for the first time, this course is the perfect one to begin with and is packed with not only with tons of interactive training but presetns scientific data that supports how this all works that you can share with friends. You will easily be blown away by this.

  • Texas, USA

    I thought if this set is anything like Paul's last offering with his dowsing set then this going to be fantastic. Until now, Mr. Smith has never released a DVD set for remote viewing so it's about time! After experiencing this first hand, not only do you really see results, and I can't stress that enough, but the quality of production and information is head and shoulders above anything out there. this set could easily be sold for double the price so I snatched one up because I've seen priced on these sorts of things actually GO UP once word gets out how they actually work and teach you the impossible.

  • California, USA

    I've been a big fan of Paul ever since I watched his bonus feature on the Suspect Zero Hollywood DVD. His ability to take a perfect stranger and teach him Remote Viewing in less than a day and have THEM do a real world blind target with real results, live on film, blew me away! This trianing was really part of a top secret military program and has proven to be authenitic over and over again. there are no mind tricks or anything going on her.e This is the REAL THING and I am so excited that Paul decided to reelase his training program on DVD. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Canada

    I've followed Dr Paul smith on C2C for years. He doesn't over sensationalize Remote Viewing so many other instructors but he does provide some of the best hands on training in the world. This course provides a lot of content for a fantastic price (live trianing normally costs you $2,000 and up). My only complaint is that I wish this went beyond just the day-1 basic training stuff. Though amazing presetned with TV quality production value, I want more! Here's to hoping an advanced course comes out some day or I might just have to sign up for that live training he offers.

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